Title 24 Calculations

With over 20 years experience in Title 24 energy calculations, California Living and Energy is proud to state that we offer the most detail oriented, precise Title 24 modelling services available in the state of California. Unlike other firms, we started as a Title 24 company, and later added MEP designs and HERS inspections. Because of this history, our T24 engineers are the best available, who always consider the impacts of the other trades and disciplines.

New Construction - Meeting your T24 compliance with the lowest cost possible is our specialty!

We understand that although T24 calculations may be one of the smaller costs in project design, it can have the largest impact and create problems with other trades if your T24 is not planned accordingly. Smart T24 measures will result in a better building that is easier to complete, with minimal field disruptions.

Also, since our firm performs MEP design and HERS inspections, our T24 team works closely with our MEP design team to implement a thorough construction document set for your submittals, to ease your way through plan checks.

We understand the impacts of T24 across all the other energy related trades. If you need to know about HERS inspections, our consultants can hep you decide if HERS measures are a good decision for your firm, depending on the consistency and quality of your subcontractors. That is an important factor choosing your measures, so as not to delay construction deadlines.

If you are looking to meet Green building program guidelines or capture the largest CAHP rebates and Federal Tax Credits, our T24 team specializes i running multiple scenarios for you to make the best decisions possible, to maximize your ROI. Give us a call at (209)538-2879 today for a quote on our T24 services, this is not an area of your project where you want to get sub-standard work, as you will get what you pay for, and the ramifications are too costly when you use a budget T24 report!


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